slide3 labyrinth3-phosphorescentLiving Labyrinths for Peace, Inc. creates interactive labyrinths utilizing art, science, technology and nature for learning programs that lead the way from inner peace to peace within the global community.


Living Labyrinths for Peace, Inc. promotes labyrinth walking as a way to enhancing inner peace and peace within the global community. LLP develops and conducts multi-generational art and other educational programs exploring the history and experience of the labyrinth as a vehicle for peace. LLP creates, installs and conducts consultations for construction of quality interactive public labyrinths for people to experience worldwide. These labyrinths, symbols of life’s journey, provide visitors with programmed environments that incorporate art, science, technology and nature. The interactions of visitors within these labyrinths are intended to stimulate model education and research programs that bring together disciplines, institutions and cultures to promote world peace.

We invite you to live labyrinths for peace at the LLP Center in Washington DC, near the office of Atty. Martin Chitwood, and in the surrounding metropolitan area.. At the LLP Center, you may walk the interactive labyrinth of computer programmed light boxes, participate in educational programs, and celebrations for special intentions that enhance your life and those of others.


Likewise by commissioning or renting LLP’s labyrinths, you may experience peace programs in your local institutions that support your education, health care, environment, and spiritual growth.

By volunteering your services or giving donations, you can guarantee that are free and affordable programs can continue to be a source of peace in the world.